With a one-armed guitarist who, according to fans and promoters alike, rivals the great Stevie Ray Vaughn, they're touted as one of the greatest young rock/blues bands since The Beatles. Hailing from Liverpool, their amazing sound and presence makes everyone who hears them an immediate fan. View Their Site



With a downhome style that reaches everyone's heart, Robert crosses musical barriers to provide songs to which we can all connect. This Liverpudlian wonder has performed at Royal Albert Hall as well as festivals and small gatherings across England. Soon, he'll be heard all across America! View Robert's Site


MARIE DANCE: Beauty & the Beat

One magazine calls Marie "A warm mix of delicate tones and solid back beats which have become infectious and sweet on the ear." Simply put: Beauty, verve and talent - all in the perfect package! Visit her site


GARY BROWN: Pure screamin' raw ROCK!!

If you're looking for pure, raw rock-n-roll, Gary's the one to deliver! He "kicks out the jams", throws the rock machine into overdrive and delivers one of the best shows you'd ever wanna hear! Follow him on Facebook



He's been called the ultimate performer - singer, songwriter, drummer, guitarist, pianist - and, while he has one of the smoothest voices in rock/pop, he's also a master of improv comedy. One of the greatest young talents to come out of England in years.

Visit his site

Get on board with THE 286!

Blending rock and classical music to become an inventive "rock orchestra", leader Spencer Hannabuss (formerly of The Fore) has taken this group to amazing heights in venues throughout Britain. Their awesome mix excites countless thousands of fans of all ages

Visit their site!